Since childhood, Bobbi Shulman has been fascinated by color and light. But she put her interest in art aside for many years to follow a career in journalism and communications. In 2003, she dusted off the easel, enrolled in a painting course and has been hooked ever since.

Originally drawn to plein air, Bobbi painted landscapes that were representational with an impressionistic edge. But her interest in abstract painting has enabled her to express her excitement in manipulating color, shape and intensity into a coordinated whole. Over the past few years, she has attempted to develop her painting personality and discover some of the endless possibilities for personal expression. Her paintings are intuitive, spontaneous and emotional, frequently leaning toward whimsy and fantasy.

Bobbi has studied abstract painting extensively with Joyce McCarten, a well-known teacher in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. She has also studied with Natasha Karpinskaia of the Yellow Barn Studio at Glen Echo and Beverly Ryan at the Torpedo Factory. Workshops include California artists Camille Przewodek and Peggy Kroll-Roberts, and Easton artist Nancy Tankersley. She studied plein air painting with Professor Edwin Ahlstrom at Montgomery College in Rockville, Alexandria artist Sara Linda Poly, and Walt Bartman of the Yellow Barn Studio.