Roslyn Cambridge, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, exhibited an appreciation for music and art from early childhood. Surrounded by talented parents, family and friends, Roslyn was encouraged to pursue education in general and the arts in particular.  

At a young age, Roslyn began painting and exhibiting her art.  As a teenager, she decided to enroll in a correspondence course offered by the Washington School of Art in Port Washington, New York, earning a course certificate.  Roslyn then realized that in order to continue her art education, she would have to move to America.  Soon thereafter, she earned a certificate in advertising design from the New York Phoenix School of Design in Manhattan. Roslyn subsequently went on to Washington, DC, to attend Howard University.  She graduated cum laude with a bachelor of fine arts in 1978 and a master of fine arts in 1981.  In 2003, she graduated from Syracuse University in New York with a master of fine arts degree in museum studies.

Roslyn works have been exhibited throughout the United States and in St. Petersburg, Russia. While in Russia, Roslyn had the opportunity to lecture on the issues of art education and conduct several painting workshops.  She has exhibited her works and lectured on the issues of art education, conducting several painting workshops here and abroad.